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Gina Poe, PhD

Associate Professor of Anesthesiology
Associate Professor of Physiology
Faculty Member, Neuroscience Graduate Program

Phone 734-647-8929

Dr. Poe's research combines interests in basic sleep processes, development, learning and memory, and optimization of cognitive performance. Cutting edge techniques (multiple microelectrodes) are used to measure activity from 30-60 neurons (currently in the hippocampus) simultaneously in freely behaving animals. Dr. Poe's laboratory has located a neural discharge pattern that could explain why REM sleep is important to synaptic changes that occur during learning and normal development. Detailed investigation of these neural processes should uncover the normal mechanisms underlying the role of sleep in learning and memory and explain cognitive declines that parallel REM sleep disruptions, such as in certain cases of mental retardation and in the normal aging process. Dr. Poe is currently funded by the National Institute of Mental Health to study REM sleep and memory.

Dr. Poe serves on the Learning and Memory study section of the NIH Center for Scientific Review, on the Senate Advisory Committee for University Affairs (SACUA), on the Sleep Research Society's Board of Directors, in addition to reviewing manuscripts in her field and guiding students in research in her laboratory. Her teaching activities include lecture for Neuroscience and Physiology graduate courses, the Medical School 2nd year curriculum, a Physiology and Sleep undergraduate course, and participation in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities program at the University of Michigan.

Recent Publications