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Alan R. Tait, PhD

Director of Clinical Research
Professor of Anesthesiology

Email atait@umich.edu

Dr. Tait is the Department of Anesthesiology Endowed Professor of Clinical Research. He serves as the Director of Clinical Research and is the Chair of the Anesthesiology Clinical Research Committee. Dr. Tait is also a member of the Institutional Review Board and the Medical School Admissions Executive Committee. In addition, Dr. Tait is the Chair of the Research Committee for the Society for Pediatric Anesthesia.

Dr. Tait is currently involved in NIH-funded studies (NICHD and NHBLI) to develop strategies to improve the communication of informed consent to adult patients, parents, and children. Current studies suggest that many patients and research subjects have limited understanding of the elements of consent and therefore may not be truly informed. Is it hoped that this research will be important in enhancing understanding and ensuring that the legal and ethical rights of patients and research subjects are protected.

Dr. Tait also continues to be involved with studies examining the effects of general anesthesia on outcomes in children who present for surgery with an upper respiratory tract infection (URI). This work has identified several risk factors for children with URSs who undergo elective surgery such that many of the complications that can arise when anesthetizing these children can be more readily anticipated and recognized.

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